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About Find Me Art

Find Me Art ® is a collective human effort - a bighearted, lofty adventure - that allows local artists (potters, woodworkers, and the like) to share their artwork for free with those who are willing to embrace a challenge to follow some clues, to seek what's hidden, and to find the bounty that is there for the taking!

We believe that art is a core value in all communities, and that our common love for art can transform and deepen our connection to each other, regardless of social, economic, racial, religious, and political backgrounds. We believe that through art, all our lives can be enhanced - that we can each be a better version of ourselves whether we are the ones who create, or the ones who admire and appreciate what is made.

So, the artists who have joined us have agreed to share - that is, to create and then to hide - some of their pieces of pottery, ironwork, woodwork, or other artwork throughout their cities and towns, and to leave for you some clues on this website as to their locations...perhaps in the fork of an old oak tree at the town park, or at the base of a city fountain, or... The possibilities are endless.

And what will you find? Handcrafted glazed stoneware pottery of bowls and gnomes and wise old owls, or wood carvings or forged iron pieces or glass blown orbs. Again, the possibilities are endless.

For past and future Finders, click on CLUES to get to the Clues Board (found pieces will be in red), and let the search begin! Once you find your treasure, we ask that you post your findings on the Finds Board; there will be an Artwork Tag Number on your pieces, so add that, and let us know what you found and where and when you made your discovery. Your postings, your sharings, will only strengthen all of our commitments to the cause!

For Artists who would like to join Find Me Art, please email us.

And for those individuals or organizations who would like to sponsor Find Me Art, please send us word. We would love to have you join us.

Have fun and good luck to all!