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So You Want to be a Hider

Find Me Art has developed, and will continue to evolve, these guidelines to best protect the Artist, the Artwork, the Hiders, the Finders, the community, and the environment. Our guidelines are created to maximize the experience and the value that each participant gets from their respective participation, while balancing and protecting the needs, safety and rights of all participants, communities, landowners and managers, and the environment.

What's a Hider?

Not an artist? No worries at all. And not thrilled about the challenge of the hunt, but you really want to participate? Well, read on because we might have something good instore. You can be a Hider! There are many Artists who are tied to their studios, working very long days trying to fill orders or get ready for shows or gallery placements. But the Artists have pieces that they want to gift forward, just no time to hide them or write the Clues. That's where a volunteer Hider comes in: Hiders coordinate with the Artist to pick up the artwork, select the best hiding place(s), place the artwork, take a pic for the Artist to log, and then post the Clue(s) on the Clues Board.

Find Me Art Hiders...

Hiders are a critical link in our success! In advance, we thank them for their participation and support of our mission.


Find Me Art, Inc, its officers, and volunteers are not in any way responsible for the artwork, for the Clues provided by the Artist or Hider regarding the location(s) of the artwork, or for any part of the search for and/or discovery of the artwork. Hiders are not paid for the volunteer services, and are nor reimbursed for any expenses or damages incurred during their participation in Find Me Art.