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Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we've received. For additional information, we've written several guidelines for the Artists, Hiders and Finders that you'll find on our website.

Who are you people?

A handful of goodhearted, well-intentioned philanthropists - current and retired executives, active artisans, consultants, software developers - who want to build a stronger, tighter society by enabling, leveraging and connecting local artists with community members. Okay, so maybe we're also a bunch of dreamers.

What is Find Me Art?

A nonprofit company that bridges artists and communities through gifting and gamesmanship. We provide local artists with the technology, marketing, social platforms, and website infrastructures needed for them to gift forward a percentage of their handmade crafts to their respective communities in a deliberately designed, outdoor-venued 'seek and find,' treasure hunt pursuit.

Can anyone hide anything?

No, sorry. We want to engage artists who are seriously committed to their respective crafts and who produce pieces of marketable value - having, let's say, at least a $25 value. That way Finders become equally committed to the quest and equally desiring of the artwork. (This is NOT GeoCaching for a plastic firetruck.)

Where is the stuff hidden and who's doing the hiding?

Find Me Art can be hidden in any public area, by the Artist or their designated 'Hider'. In fact, if you're not an artist, and might not warm up to the challenge of the quest, but still love the idea and want to participate, we're always looking for Hiders who know their community and enjoy creating interesting clues. We need community participants like you to make this grow.

When I find a Find Me Art, are you sure I get to keep it?

? Yes, definitely sure - for free, no charge! If it's designated as a FindMeArt contribution, it's yours for the keeping. All we ask is that you post your discovery on the Finds Board as soon as you are able.

What's the craziest question you've been asked?

Do we ever hide real Golden Retriever puppies? If there's still any doubt, the answer is firm No!

What's the best question you've been asked?

Will this help me be less self-absorbed? Our answer: it's not meditation, but Yes, we believe so! If you think about it, we are all on a very small piece of dirt, spinning at 1,000 mph, in the middle of an immensely vast, dark, emptiness. But a spark of light is generated every time we connect with another person. So, with any luck, we will ultimately connect thousands and then tens of thousands of people… so much so that our small piece of dirt will glow like a lantern in the universe.

What happens if no one finds the artwork?

Additional (and hopefully, easier) clues should be provided by the Artist. If the search seems to be a lost cause, we will help the Artist steer Finders to the location by suggesting new clues.

Can I TikTok my search?

Sure! And good luck!

Where can I send my ideas for art or artists or hiding places to make FindMeArt even better?

We would love your ideas! Just email us.