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Guidelines for Finds

Find Me Art has developed, and will in continue to evolve, these guidelines to best protect the Artist, the Artwork, the Hiders, the Finders, the community, and the environment. Our guidelines are created to maximize the experience and the value that each participant gets from their respective participation, while balancing and protecting the needs, safety and rights of all participants, communities, landowners and managers, and the environment.

1. Stay Safe

Keep yourself, and everyone near you who is involved in the search, safe and out of harms way. Do not put yourself in danger by risking life and limb (or artwork) to find or retrieve a piece of artwork.

2. Obey All Laws

Do not do anything in violation of local laws, federal laws, and/or land management policies. You might need to get permission to go onto state, local, or private lands for the purpose of searching for Find Me Art artwork. You are responsible for determining that requirement, who to contact to get permission, and for obtaining that permission if necessary.

3. Be Respectful During Your Search

Our Guidelines state that the artwork is hidden in an "easily accessible area" with a clear visibility from 5-10 feet (in other words and for examples, it's not buried in the ground or tied to a tree limb 20 feet off the ground). It's expected that each Find Me Art piece will be wrapped in clear plastic to protect it from the elements, with a 3" Find Me Art sticker attached to the side. That's your first key indicator that you have been successful in your quest and the bounty is yours to keep. Yay! Under the clear plastic layer, the artwork will probably be wrapped in a burlap-type material, with a Find Me Art tag hanging from the rope or jute tied around the burlap (your second key indicator). Congrats!

4. Remember Why You're Doing This

Be appreciative! Our Artists gift to you, the Finders, their time, talents, and wares in support of our mission. For that reason alone, the artwork you find carries more value and meaning than what you could ever purchase. So, take care of it or, if you really want, gift it forward, but don't sell it... it's good karma... it's Find Me Art.

5. What We Ask In Return

To be fair to the other Finders who might be on your same quest, walking your same trail, post your finding(s) on the Finds Board on this website as soon as possible, but no later than 12 hours after your discovery. Be sure to include the Artwork Tag Number you'll find written on the Find Me Art hang tag attached to the artwork (it will be in the format of AAA####). Your follow-up in notifying all of us as to what, when, and where you made your discovery is very important to the success of our mission. In advance, we thank you for your cooperation.

And posting is easy: Just login and go to the Finds Board and post your discovery. The more information you provide, the better, but minimally, let us know what Artwork Tag Number you located, and where you found it, so we can automatically mark the piece as retrieved and the clue as "closed." However, if you'd like to add more details - about your dog who assisted along the way, or some friends who joined you in the hunt - that would be great as well. And then just enjoy what you have! And if you have a favorite selfie of photo of your find, add it to the post and we'll upload it to our Gallery Page!

If a Finder forgets to post their discovery, sorry to all the other hunters! There's really nothing we can do to ensure Finders record their bounty other than ask all participants to follow our Guidelines, and repeatedly remind everyone of their individual roles and responsibilities in our collective journey.

Some Artists will leave their business or studio cards in or attached to the artwork. If you would like to reach out to them, one more connection between two people is made. That's our goal.


Find Me Art, Inc, its officers, and volunteers are not in any way responsible for the artwork, for the Clues provided by the Artist or Hider regarding the location(s) of the artwork, or for any part of your search for and/or discovery of the artwork. Finders are not paid for the search or the find, and are nor reimbursed for any expenses or damages incurred during their participation in Find Me Art.