a nonprofit organization

A moment of gifting
A movement for connecting

Local artists create and hide their crafts.
For you to find and keep
at no cost ... totally free

Local artists create and hide their crafts

For you to find and keep

at no cost ... totally free

Because we share the certainty that when our world is broken, we can rebuild it by creating new connections between individuals and within communities through the sharing of art. We are simply carrying on a 50,000 year tradition that has never let us down.
  1. Artists create pieces they wish to gift forward (pottery, ironworks, woodcarvings...)

  2. The Artist, or their Hider, wraps and then hides the art in a public area.

  3. The Artist, or Hider, posts clue(s) as to its location. Clues will be on our Clues Board.

  4. Then the hunt begins! Finders go in search of the artwork. All pieces will have a large Find Me Art sticker on it. If found, the artwork is theirs to keep.

  5. Finally, the Finder shares their victorious discovery by posting on our Finds Board.

  6. That's it! A gift offered, a gift found, and one more connection between us is made. Still not sure? More details are given in our guidelines, or just contact us with any questions

  7. If you enjoy the gamesmanship as much as you appreciate the artwork, please share the adventure and the mission of Find Me Art with your friends.

We started in Colorado and are expanding nationally.
Towns, cities, and states are listed in the clues.