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Guidelines for Clues

Find Me Art has developed, and will continue to evolve, these guidelines to best protect the Artist, the Artwork, the Hiders, the Finders, the community, and the environment. Our guidelines are created to maximize the experience and the value that each participant gets from their respective participation, while balancing and protecting the needs, safety and rights of all participants, communities, landowners and managers, and the environment.

Regarding Clues

Many say the best adventure within Find Me Art is creating the artwork for a wonderful cause...others say it's the actual gifting that gives them the philanthropic high...and still there are those who believe it's the quest and the gamesmanship of finding the art. But most would agree that writing the clues is exceptionally fun, because it draws upon the wit, imagination, and intelligence of the authors of the clues. After all, clues are one of the best gamemaster tools we have at our disposal. At their most basic, clues are just information in disguise, and it's you who decides exactly what information you want to share, and how you want to share it.

What Clues Are

What Clues Are Not


  1. While hiding your artwork, mindfully look around, be observant, and consider what pieces of information you will want to include in your clue, and jot down those thoughts right then and there. The largest of details is easy to forget once you get home.
  2. In constructing your clue(s), consider all your senses: sounds, smells, touch, sight, and maybe even taste.
  3. The use of wordplay is encouraged, such as:
    Rhyming - alliterations, for example
    And so on ... the possibilities are almost endless.
  4. You can use photography (if not too obvious) to support or enhance your clue.
  5. Trivia pursuits: Pick a topic for which you have passion or a deep knowledge of, and ask some trivia question in which the information you want to share is in the answer.
  6. The use of representational code, such as Morse Code or a decipherable numeric code would be fun for most to solve.
  7. You can employ or reference other wordsearches or puzzles, such as a crossword answer in a specific New York Times puzzle from years ago.
  8. But have fun! If the first clue doesn't work, there will be others to write.


Find Me Art, Inc, its officers, and volunteers are not in any way responsible for any of the Clue posted, the content of Clues posted, and the events brought about by such Clues. All Clues are the responsibility of the respective Artist(s) and/or Hider(s).