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Guidelines for Art

Find Me Art has developed, and will continue to evolve, these guidelines to best protect the Artist, the Artwork, the Hiders, the Finders, the community, and the environment. Our guidelines are created to maximize the experience and the value that each participant gets from their respective participation, while balancing and protecting the needs, safety and rights of all participants, communities, landowners and land managers, and the environment.


Although we understand that "art" is subjective, realistically, we need to apply a consistent baseline for the artwork that can be gifted forward under Find Me Art. In doing so, and to set the highest standard we can for the benefit of all Artists, Hiders, Finders and community members, we ask that you, the Artist, seriously consider the following question about your artwork in order to determine its appropriateness for gifting forward under our nonprofit organization:

Does your artwork demonstrate a unique, learned or developed talent that would be deeply appreciated by the vast majority of the public, and would have a general market value of at least $25?

Professional artists will most always meet that criteria since they are often commercially focused and financially dependent on selling their wares. Likewise, most amateur artists who have honed their skills and developed a unique artistic "hand" or signature will have wonderful art to contribute. Generally, though, this is not the right forum or venue for arts and crafts hobbyists to share their makings.

We certainly do not want to discourage any artists from participating but need to ensure a good fit. As such, if you are unsure about the appropriateness of your own artwork, we would be pleased to talk with you at any time.

For all Artists, please remember that this is not an easy solution for your damaged and unsold "seconds" inventory. Quality matters! As do subject and content. If we receive complaints about the nature of the artwork (depicting socially unacceptable objects, for example), we will investigate, and if found to be intentionally harming or disrespectful, the Artist's privileges and participation will be revoked.

Mediums Used

We celebrate and encourage a diversity of mediums although we understand that some mediums will be more conducive to creating and hiding than others. If you would like to discuss unique opportunities, please email us.

More Guidelines


Find Me Art, Inc, its officers, and volunteers are not in any way responsible or liable for the artwork created by the Artists. We reserve the right to withdraw any inappropriate artwork.