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Guidelines for Hiding

Find Me Art has developed, and will continue to evolve, these guidelines to best protect the Artist, the Artwork, the Hiders, the Finders, the community, and the environment. Our guidelines are created to maximize the experience and the value that each participant gets from their respective participation, while balancing and protecting the needs, safety and rights of all participants, communities, landowners and managers, and the environment.

1. Obey the Laws of the Land

Do not do anything against local laws, federal laws, and/or land management policies. You might need to get permission to hide a piece of artwork on specific public properties. You are responsible for determining who to contact to get permission, and for obtaining that permission prior to hiding the artwork. Do not place artwork in any location that requires or encourages Finders to break any laws or land management policies.

2. Stay Safe

Keep everyone safe! Do not put yourself in danger by risking life and limb (or artwork) to hide the art. Further, do not place artwork in any location that would put any Finder at risk of reaching the artwork. When selecting a hiding location, keep in mind required land management such as mowing, snow removal, etc., and do not create any adverse risks to those in proximity of the artwork.

3. If Going Privateland

Be a good citizen! If you would like to leave a Find Me Art piece of artwork on private property (on a restaurant shelf, for example), prior to placing the artwork, you must first ask and get all necessary permissions from the property owner, business owner or land manager to hide the artwork at that location. There are many businesses that would benefit from increased foot traffic and would be delighted to participate. Your Clue(s) must specifically mention that the artwork is on private property. If we receive any valid complaints, your participation in the program will be reviewed.

4. Show Respect When Placing

Think first! Choose a location that is accessible year-round, visibly identifiable from 5-10 feet, does not damage, deface, or destroy public or private property by you or any Finder, and does not harm plants, animals, or the environment. Foot or vehicular traffic, roadways, railroad properties, water features, the presence of buildings, schools, hospitals, and airports (to name just a few) must all be factors in your evaluation and selection of viable hiding locations. Additionally, always take weather into account. Although we expect artwork to be found within a week or two (that is very much under your control by the type of Clue(s) you post), it may take longer, so bear that in mind. Finally, as you hide the artwork, we suggest you take a photo, and as you're hiding your artwork, think about Clues you can leave on our Clues board. You can also post it on Facebook, Next Door, etc. Taking a photo for later reference is especially true if you are placing multiple pieces in one outing.

5. Keep It Secret

Don't spill the beans! All Artists (and their Hiders if they so choose to have help in the process), must not, in advance of or during the search, divulge additional location information other than what they post in their Clues. These are not secrets to be shared with friends and family.


Find Me Art, Inc, its officers, and volunteers are not in any way responsible for your artwork or the hiding or placement of your artwork. All aspects of your artwork and its placement and subsequent finding(s) are your responsibility.